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We are a wholesaler in the area of natural food. 

„Act so, that the maxim of your will could always be valid as a universal law.“
The Categorical Imperativ of Immanuel Kant is our most important principle.


Dried fruit, nuts and seeds und many other natural products contain a lot of vitamins, minerals, trace elements, Phytonutrients etc. Wheather alone or in cereals, natural food provides all the goodness of nature, what humans need for a healthy life. The substances contained in natural food are equally essential for us, like water and air.


Our offer is exclusively for traders in the are of B2B.


For customers from Germany:
All prices are net prices plus value-added tax of 7 %, which will be shown in the ordering process.

For customers from Europe:
All prices are net prices. Value-added tax will be not shown in the ordering process.

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